Advanced Aquatic Entomology (16:370:505)

(1–4 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Frank Louis Carle

Schedule to be arranged: including 4–8 Field Trips

For All Interested in Conservation of New Jersey's Aquatic Environments, Species-level Identification and Environmental Evaluation, Utilizing Selected Eastern North American Aquatic Insect Adults and Larvae.

Class covers:

  • Proposal Preparation and Experimental Design for Selected Environmental Evaluation Study
  • Collecting and Rearing Techniques Employed for Selected Aquatic Insect Species
  • Collection and Identification of Selected Species Utilized for Environmental Monitoring
  • Classification, Evolution, Morphology, Biogeography and Behavior of Selected Aquatic Insects
  • Ecology, Life Cycles, Habitats, Adaptations and Pollution Tolerance of Selected Species
  • Metrics Utilized in Determining Environmental Monitoring and Ecological Values

Course includes field collecting and lab work on selected aquatic taxa including species identification and comprehensive information on the life histories of the Aquatic Insects of Interest.

Required texts are: An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America edited by R.W. Merritt, K.W. Cummins and M.B. Berg; and Aquatic Entomology by W.P. McCafferty. Specific identification of Aquatic insects is facilitated by the Rutgers Aquatic Insects of New Jersey website