Synopsis for 11:370:402.

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Instructor: Dr. Frank Louis Carle (
Semester, Period & Format: Spring; Tu, Th (5:35 – 8:35) Lecture/Lab
Location: 001 John B. Smith (Adjacent to McLean Labs)
Pre-requisites: (11:370:202 or 11:370: 381 suggested)
Required Texts:
???? Aquatic Entomology by McCafferty
???? Aquatic Insects of? North America by Merritt and Cummins
Description: The diversity and structure of aquatic ecosystems reflect the sum total of perturbations in a watershed and can be used to efficiently evaluate and monitor various landscapes. The vast majority of macroinvertebrates inhabiting aquatic communities are insects and although they are of great interest to fly fishermen, these include the most ancient of flying insects and are primarily useful in environmental quality assessment. This course includes lectures and labs on all aquatic orders including comprehensive information and family and generic identification of: Odonata, Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Hemiptera, Megaloptera, Coleoptera, Trichoptera and Diptera. Lectures for each order include classification, evolution, morphology, biogeography, behavior, ecology, life cycles, habitats, adaptations, pollution tolerance, environmental monitoring, and aquatic insect rearing techniques. Labs include specimen identification, environmental metric use, and four Saturday collecting trips to obtain specimens for student aquatic insect collections.
Course Learning Goals:

  • Understanding of the diversity, evolution, and innovations of aquatic insects
  • Knowledge of aquatic insect morphology, biology, behavior, and ecology
  • Ability to properly collect, preserve, label, and identify aquatic insects
  • Knowledge of the proper use of various metrics in environmental monitoring
  • Preparation for employment in the field of Environmental Consulting

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  • Lecture  quizzes [29%]
  • Lab identifications [46%]
  • Collection [25%]

Contact Information:
Dr. Frank Louis Carle           
Room 002, McLean Labs

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