Synopsis for 11:370:430.

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Instructor: Dr. Changlu Wang (
Semester, Period & Format: Fall; T, Th (9:15 – 10:35 am) Lecture
Location: Blake Hall 101
Pre-requisites and other registration restrictions: None
Required Texts: 
???? Bennett, G., Corrigan, R., and Owens, J. 2010 Scientific guide to pest management operations. Advanstar Communications, Inc. Cleveland, OH.
Mallis, A. 2011. Handbook of pest control. MH&TTC, Cleveland, OH.
Description: The ever growing population and urbanization process create numerous urban pest problems. Urban insects affect our health, quality of life, and cause significant economic loss. The objective of this course is to provide students with an advanced understanding of the major groups of urban pests. We will discuss many aspects of pest biology, behavior, ecology, morphology, health and economic impact to human. We will also discuss methods of controlling household, structural, and occasional pests.
Course Learning Goals:

  • Attain mastery of the essential aspects and practice of urban entomology
  • Advanced understanding of the major groups of urban pests
  • Knowledge of urban pest morphology, biology, behavior, and ecology
  • Appreciation for health and economic impact of urban pests on humans
  • Familiarity of control methods for household structural and other urban pests
  • Preparation to be professionals in Urban entomology

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  • Bi-weekly in-class short tests [20%]
  • Lab reports [20%]
  • Midterm exam [30%]
  • Final exam [30%]

Contact Information:
Dr. Changlu Wang           
Room 205, Thompson Hall
Office Hours Open