Synopsis for 11:370:439.

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Instructors: Drs. George Hamilton, Albert Ayeni, Mark Robson, & Jerry Baron
Semester, Period & Format: Fall; T,H 5 (3:55pm – 5:15 pm) Lecture/Presentation
Location: Foran Hall 138B
Pre-requisites and other registration restrictions: None
Required Texts:  None
Description: The colloquium will draw on expertise from various backgrounds in the pesticide industry, relevant textbooks, recent reviews and articles from the scientific literature, as well as articles from the popular and business press.  Student knowledge and understanding will be assessed through the oral presentations, final exam and class participation. Rather than simply testing student knowledge, the final exam will be designed to allow students to demonstrate how well they understand the complexity of pesticide management issues and the factors that guide good policy decisions in pesticide manufacture, handling and use in developing and developed countries.
Course Learning Goals:

  • Understand what pesticides are and their role in human life and the environment globally
  • Understand advantages and disadvantages of pesticides in human life and the environment
  • Learn how to make reasonable decisions regarding pesticide use

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  • Three exams [60%]
  • Power point presentation on approved pesticide topic or related subject [30%]
  • Class attendance and discussion participation [10%] 

Contact Information:
Dr. George Hamilton           
Room 107, Thompson Hall

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