Rutgers Entomology Seminars - Spring 2017

PLEASE NOTE: Seminars begin at 11:00 am in Thompson Hall, Room 206, unless otherwise noted.

Dr.Changlu Wang is coordinating this semester's speakers. For inquiries call 848-932-9774.

Date Presenter Seminar Title Institution
10 Feb
Paul Breslin
Does your skin taste yummy? Gustatory inputs guide mosquito feeding.
Nutritional Sciences, Rutgers University
17 Feb
Kimberly Russell
Making lemonade: Using managed land under transmission lines to increase wild bee populations.
Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources, Rutgers University
24 Feb
3 Mar
Nan-Yao Su
Karl Maramorosch Seminar Series: Patent, Gatorade and Sentricon, oh my! Intellectual property policy and technology transfer in academia.
Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida
10 Mar
Joe Kaser
Parasitoids, invasive species and biological control efficacy and risk.
Entomology, Rutgers University
17 Mar
24 Mar
Jay McPherson
The importance of serendipity in research: A personal journey.
Zoology, Southern Illinois University
31 Mar
Ivan Hiltpold
Rhisosphere entomology - underground sustainable pest management.
Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, Entomology, University of Delaware
7 Apr
Megan O'Rourke
Horticulture, Virginia Tech
14 Apr
Diego Silva
Applying chemical ecology to improve biological control by predacious mirids.
Entomology, Rutgers University
21 Apr
Liwang Cui
Malaria elimination in southeast Asia: Systematic research guides integrated control.
Entomology, Penn State University
28 Apr
Louis Sorkin
Overview of Non-Arthropod Insects
American Museum of Natural History