About the Program

The entomology major is designed for students who want to learn more about arthropods, especially with regard to their relationship to humans. Students can receive training in a variety of subject areas leading to careers in agribusiness, government service, extension, environmental science, public health or private business. Students can tailor their coursework to meet their specific interests by selecting classes of interest from a diverse set of courses. In this way our program will continue to evolve to meet the vocational challenges of the future. The Department of Entomology also offers a minor for students who wish to improve employment opportunities in their selected major area of career concentration. The Department of Entomology works to enhance the learning experience of students to meet the academic excellence goals set by the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Students are expected to attend all classes; however if you expect to miss class, please use the University absence reporting website to indicate the date and reason for your absence. An email will be automatically sent to your professor.

Program Learning Goals

Graduates of the major will have demonstrated:

  1. Broad knowledge of the systematics, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and biochemistry of the insects
  2. Explain and assess the detrimental and beneficial impacts that insects have on plants, animals, and humanity
  3. Ability to design, implement, and analyze experiments or pest management programs and interpret data
  4. Communication of entomological information to the scientific community and to the public in general
  5. Practice of the ethical principles required in professional fields. illustrates the guidelines that will be adhered to in all our courses.