Course Schedule

Course Number Course Title & Synopsis Instructor Semester Offered
11:370:350 Agicultural Entomology and Pest Management Hamilton Spring
11:370:308 Apiculture Spring
11:370:355 Applied Acarology Toledo Spring
11:370:402 Aquatic Entomology   Spring
11:370:415 Decomposition Ecology Gemmellaro Summer
11:370:256 Entomology for Anglers Hamilton Spring
11:370:414 Forensic Entomology Hawkings Spring
11:370:381 Insect Biology Hawkings Fall
11:370:409 Insect Classification Fall (Even Years)
11:370:403 Insect Structure and Function I Hawkings Fall (Odd Years)
11:370:404 Insect Structure and Function II Brattsten Spring (Even Years)
11:370:406 Medical and Veterinary Entomology Slaff Spring
11:370:410 Molecular Tools in Entomology, Ecology and Epidemiology Fonseca Spring
11:370:420 Pollination Ecology TBA
11:370:493 Research Problems in Entomology TBA Fall
11:370:494 Research Problems in Entomology TBA Spring
11:370:352 Toxicology of Pesticides Brattsten Spring
11:370:430 Urban Entomology Wang Fall
11:015:273 Wine Insights Brattsten Fall and Spring
11:370:202 World of Insects Hawkings Fall