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Insect Classification (11:370:409)

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  1. Semester: Fall
  2. Period: M Lec. (10:55 a.m. - 1:55 p.m.), TH Lec. & Lab (2:15-5:15 p.m.)
  3. Credits: 4
  4. Format: Lecture/Lab
  5. Pre-requisites and Other Registration Restrictions: None
  6. Text: Grimaldi and Engel, Evolution of the Insects, 2005


This is an introductory course for upper level undergraduate students in entomology; for students interested in insect diversity and evolution. Course includes life histories and sight recognition of major families, especially those of economic or medical importance. The basic ecology, taxonomy and classification of insects are covered. Topics are related to ordinal level diversity in the class Insecta. Course also includes the proper collection and preservation techniques utilized for the various insect groups.

Program learning goals fulfilled: 1

Course Learning Goals

  • Attain a broad knowledge of insect systematics and anatomy.
  • Ability to identify selected insect families from each order of the class Insecta.
  • Ability to explain the evolution of arthropods, from basal hexapods through Antiliophora
  • Ability to properly collect, preserve and label insect specimens

Student Learning Assessment

Item Percent of Grade
Lab Quizzes 30%
Midterm exam 10%
Final Exam 10%
Collection 50%


Dr. Dana Price
Center for Vector Biology    
Office Hours: By Appointment