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Graduation Requirements for the Major in Entomology (370)

To complete a Bachelor's degree program at SEBS a student must complete a minimum of 120 credits with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better.

Students matriculated prior to the Fall Semester of 2015 must complete a 60 credit SEBS core and at least 68 credits of major requirements and electives as described in Curriculum I. Please see advisor with any questions related to this curriculum.

Rutgers SEBS Entomology

SEBS CORE (I–VII; 39 credits)

Contemporary Challenges (total 6 credits, 3 in CCO and 3 in CCD)

  1. Suggested Course: 11:373:101 Economics, People and Environment (CCO)
  2. Suggested Course: 11:550:371 Agriculture and the Landscape (CCD)

Natural Sciences (total 6 credits, 3 in A and 3 in B)

A. Life Sciences (3 credits)
  1. Required: 01:119:115 or 116 General Biology (4)
B. Physical Sciences (3 credits)
  1. Required 01:750:193 Physics for the Sciences (4)

Historical Analysis (3 credits)

  1. Suggested Course: 01:070:102 Introduction to Human Evolution

Social Analysis (6 credits)

  1. Suggested Course: 11:373:362 Natural Resource Economics
  2. Suggested Course: 11:372:202 Environmental Issues in the USA
  3. Suggested Course: 11:373:101 Economics, People and Environment*

*also counted under Contemporary Challenge.

Arts and the Humanities (3 credits)

  1. Suggested Course: 01:190:101 Word Power
  2. Suggested Course: 01:730:103 Intro to Philosophy

Cognitive Skills and Processes

Writing and Communication (6 credits)
  1. 3 credits from 01:355:101 Expository Writing or 01:355:103 Exposition and Argument
  2. 3 credits from 01:355:302 Scientific and Technical Writing, 01:355:312 Writing for Biology and Natural Science, or 01:355:342 Science Writing
VII. Quantitative and Formal Reasoning (6 credits)
  1. Major required: 01:640:135 Calculus I (4)
  2. 3 credits from 01:960:211 Statistics I (3) or 01:640:136 Calculus II for the Quantitative Social and Life Sciences (3)

Experienced-Based Education (3 credits)

All students are required to obtain practical experience in an area of entomology. Students can demonstrate appropriate employment or volunteer service with a public agency, private industry, nonprofit organization or fulfill the requirement by research or field experience in suitable courses. Before starting an experienced-based course students must get the approval of their adviser. Possible courses include:

  1. 11:370:493, 494 Research problems in Entomology
  2. 11:015:497, 498 George H. Cook Scholars Program
  3. 11:902:300 and 400 SPIN Student to Professional Internship Network

SEBS ENTOMOLOGY Required and Elective Courses

Competence in Entomology (77+ credits) (117k PDF)