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Instructors: Dr. George Hamilton & Dr. Frank Louis Carle
Semester, Period & Format: Spring; M3 (10:55am – 12:15pm) Lecture/Lab
Location: Blake Hall 101
Pre-requisites and other registration restrictions: None
Required Texts:  None
Description: This course will introduce students to entomology as it relates to fishing, specifically fly fishing for trout.  Topics for discussion will include the biology of various stream insects, when they occur, how to identify them and what artificial flies are used to imitate them for the purposes of catching trout.  Five lectures include a short identification quiz of the insect families of angling importance. Students will also get an introduction on how to tie their own flies.
Course Learning Goals:

  • Basic understanding of the important role insects play in aquatic food webs
  • Ability to identify and imitate the common aquatic insect families
  • Appreciation for the diversity, biology and great antiquity of aquatic insects
  • How to create flies that mimic these insects and use them to fish for trout

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  •  Weekly quizzes will be given in class [90%]
  • Class attendance and participation [10%]

Contact Information:

Dr. George Hamilton

Room 107, Thompson Hall


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Dr. Frank Louis Carle 

Room 002 McClean Labs


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