Synopsis for 11:370:406.

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Instructor: Dr. Marc Slaff (
Semester, Period & Format: Spring; M (5:35 – 8:35 pm) Lecture
Location: Thompson 206
Pre-requisites: 11:370:202 sugested
Text Book:  Medical Entomology by Mullen and Durden optional
Description: Medical & Veterinary Entomology is an exploration of diseases in humans and animals carried by insects and their arthropod relatives.  This field has relevance in our world, both currently and historically.  Disease transmission by arthropod vectors is constantly in the news and affects not just those in foreign nations, but is important in the United States. This course explores why insects are able to transmit some diseases so successfully, how this influences humans throughout the world and what steps can be taken to reduce their impact.
Course Learning Goals:

  • Basic understanding of arthropod morphology, physiology and systematics
  • Knowledge of epidemiological fundamentals
  • Familiarity with the pathways of arthropod transmission of pathogens
  • How to survey for arthropods and the diseases they transmit,
  • Ability to reduce disease risk for humans and animals

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  •  Three hourly exams [75%]
  • Term Paper [25%]

Contact Information:
Dr. Marc Slaff           
Room 106, Thompson Hall

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