Entomology Minor

Prerequisites: 01:119:101-102 General Biology (4,4)

Learning Goals and Assessment

The Undergraduate Minor in Entomology exposes students at the undergraduate level to areas of biological science that address issues related to all aspects of the study of insects.

Learning Goal 1 for Students:  Attain an understanding of the essential aspects of practice and study in the field of entomology.

Assessment of student achievement of Goal 1:

  • Grades in undergraduate courses
  • Review by faculty of student progress with close advising and mentoring

Roles of the program in helping students to achieve Goal 1:

  • Close advising to assure that students are being prepared in a coherent and academically rigorous way
  • Effective monitoring of student progress
  • Evaluations of teaching effectiveness of instructors in undergraduate courses
    • If effectiveness is below expectations, work with instructors to improve effectiveness
  • Periodic review of curricular offerings, degree requirements and assessment tools
    • By program faculty
    • In consultation with the office of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Dean of Academic Programs and/or the unit dean

The leadership of the Entomology undergraduate minor will regularly review the structure and content of the program and the feedback received from assessments and surveys. These reviews will be used to provide the best possible education to students that meet current needs for professionals in entomology.

Required courses (7–8):

  • 11:370:350 Agricultural Entomology and Pest Management (3) or
  • 11:370:381 Insect Biology (4)
  • and
  • 11:370:409 Insect Classification (4)

Electives (12–16):

Any of the following courses for which prerequisites are fulfilled or instructor's permission is granted:

  • 11:370:308 Apiculture (3)
  • 11:370:350 Agricultural Entomology and Pest Management (3)
  • 11:370:352 Toxicology of Pesticides (3)
  • 11:370:402 Aquatic Entomology (4)
  • 11:370:403, 404 Insect Structure and Function (4, 4)
  • 11:370:406 Medical and Veterinary Entomology (3)
  • 11:370:414 Forensic Entomology (3)
  • 11:370:415 Decomposition Ecology (3)
  • 11:370:430 Urban Entomology (3)
  • 11:370:493,494 Research Problems in Entomology (1-4, 1-4)

Note: Juniors and seniors may, with the permission of the instructor and the graduate dean, register for appropriate graduate courses in entomology for elective credits. Students intending to minor in entomology are urged to contact the department as early in their program as possible, and no later than the middle of their junior year.