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Entomology Minor

Learning Goals and Assessment

The Undergraduate Minor in Entomology exposes students at the undergraduate level to areas of biological science that address issues related to all aspects of the study of insects.

Learning Goal 1 for Students: Attain an understanding of the essential aspects of practice and study in the field of entomology.

Assessment of student achievement of Goal 1:

Roles of the program in helping students to achieve Goal 1:

The leadership of the Entomology undergraduate minor will regularly review the structure and content of the program and the feedback received from assessments and surveys. These reviews will be used to provide the best possible education to students that meet current needs for professionals in entomology.

Required and Elective Courses

See Required and Electice Courses for Entomology (117k PDF).

Program Director

Chloe Hawkings
Thompson Hall, Rm. 132