Special Funds to Support the Work of the Rutgers Entomology Department

The Entomology Department has benefited greatly from the generosity of its many friends including former students, retired faculty, civic and business leaders, and the general public. Over the years their contributions have honored some of our distinguished faculty and in doing so have provided a source of funds that provide an indispensable supplement for graduate student support and entomological research.

  • Charles C. Compton and George M. Markle Entomological Fund: Established in honor of Dr. C. C. Compton, who served with distinction on the faculty from 1963–1977 and George Markle, and member of IR-4 and an adjunct member of the department. Annual awards are given in recognition of outstanding achievement by graduate students involved in entomological research. Additional awards may be given to a New Jersey high school student with the best 4-H insect collection or to support special projects of the Dr. B. B. Pepper Entomological Library.
  • Andrew J. Forgash Fund: This fund was established with a contribution by Dr. Muthuvelu Thirugnanam in recognition of the significant role of Dr. Andrew J. Forgash in fashioning the professional career of "Thiru" and the many other graduate students that Dr. Forgash trained in his laboratory. Interest on the fund is used to provide support for graduate students in the Graduate Program in Entomology as part of the Headlee Fellowship.
  • Thomas J. Headlee Fellowship: This fellowship was established in 1944 to honor the contributions of Thomas J. Headlee who served as Department Chair from 1912–1943. The interest from this fund currently provides full support for one graduate student, renewable annually for four years, and a final year, non-renewable fellowship with full tuition remission is awarded on a competitive basis.
  • Daniel M. Jobbins Fund: This is a scholarship given to graduate students conducting mosquito research. This fund is from the New Jersey Mosquito Control Association (not to be confused with the Northeastern Mosquito Control Association's award of the same name). It is open to all graduate students in mosquito research, including those not enrolled at Rutgers.
  • John B. Schmitt Award: This award was established in 1977 in recognition of Dr. John B. Schmitt, Professor Emeritus, and his many contributions to the science of Entomology and the education of undergraduate and graduate students. A cash award, derived from the interest on the fund principle, is given annually to an entomology student showing outstanding promise or significant contributions to the science of Entomology.
  • Herbert T. Streu Graduate Student Endowment: This fund  was established in 2016 by Dr. Herbert T. Streu, Professor Emeritus, who earned his MS and PhD in Entomology at Rutgers, and was a Faculty Member in the Department. He served as Department Chair and Graduate Program Director from 1976-1987. Funds from the endowment shall be used for the direct support of students enrolled in the Entomology Graduate Program. Such uses might include, but are not limited to, professional development, dissertation provisions, research supplies, as well as other uses appropriate to the Graduate Program. Conference travel Support form is here.