Faculty and Researchers

George C. Hamilton.

George C. Hamilton (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Chair, Department of Entomology
Director, Graduate Program in Entomology

Extension Specialist in Pest Management
Research: Implementation of alternative methods to control insect pests, influence of flowering plants on the retention of natural enemies, ecology and management of invasive insects, and assessment of the pesticides used by agriculture in New Jersey

Lena B. Brattsten.

Lena B. Brattsten (Ph.D., Illinois)
Research Professor
Research: Insect biochemistry and toxicology, molecular aspects of insect-plant associations

Dine Fonseca.

Dina M. Fonseca (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Research: Infectious diseases, mosquito control, and evolutionary ecology

Randy Gaugler.

Randy R. Gaugler (Ph.D., Wisconsin)
Distinguished Professor
Research: Invertebrate pathology, parasitology, biological control

Pierre Girod.

Pierre Girod(Ph.D., University of Neuch√Ętel & CABI, Switzerland)
Visiting Scholar
Research: biological control agents, ecology and population genetics diversity

Albrecht Koppenhöfer.

Albrecht Koppenhöfer (Ph.D., Univ. Giessen)
Extension Specialist in Entomology
Center for Turfgrass Science

Anne L. Nielsen.

Anne L. Nielsen (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Associate Extension Specialist in Entomology
Research: Fruit insect ecology and management

Cesar Rodriguez-Saona.

Cesar Rodriguez-Saona (Ph.D., University of California–Riverside)
Extension Specialist in Entomology
Research: Blueberry and cranberry insect ecology and management

Alvaro Toledo.

Alvaro Toledo (Ph.D., )
Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology
Research: Ticks and tick-borne pathogens

Changlu Wang.

Changlu Wang (Ph.D., West Virginia)
Associate Extension Specialist in Entomology
Research: Urban pest management

Emeriti Faculty

Wayne J. Crans.

Wayne J. Crans (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Professor Emeritus
Research: Mosquito biology, medical and veterinary entomology, epidemiology of disease transmission

Gerald M. Ghidiu.

Gerald M. Ghidiu (Ph.D., Iowa State)
Professor Emeritus, Extension Specialist Emeritus in Entomology
Research: Vegetable pest insects

James H. Lashomb.

James H. Lashomb (Ph.D., Maryland)
Professor Emeritus, Extension Specialist Emeritus in Entomology
Research: Applied insect ecology, parasitic insect population dynamics, plant-herbivore interactions

Michael L. May.

Michael L. May (Ph.D., Florida)
Professor Emeritus
Research: Systematics and evolution of Odonata, behavioral and physiological ecology of insects