Rutgers Entomology Seminars - Fall 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Seminars begin at 11:00 am in Thompson Hall, Room 206, unless otherwise noted.

Dr. George Hamilton is coordinating this semester's speakers. For inquiries call 848-932-9774. Related seminars: Ecology and Evolution

Date Presenter Seminar Title Institution
7 Sep
Paula Shrewsbury
Native and exotic natural enemies of the exotic brown marmorated stink bug.
Entomology, University of Maryland
28 Sep
Thomas M Herbst
Microanalytical Entomology
US Food and Drug Administration
5 Oct
Doreen Weatherby
CANCELLED: Careers: What's out there for an entomologist?
Global Health Partners
12 Oct
Scott McArt
Pesticides, pathogens, and pollinator declines: what do we know?
Entomology, Cornell University
26 Oct
John Tooker
Unforeseen influences in plant-herbivore interactions, including a case for IPM.
Entomology, Penn State
2 Nov
Pierre Girod
Classical biological control of Drosophila suzukii with parasitoids: from Asia to Europe.
Enomology, Rutgers University
30 Nov
Daniel Duran
Rowan University
7 Dec
Dean Polk
Bees, blueberries, and a $million loss - where do we go from here?
Agriculture and Natural Resources, Rutgers University