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Rutgers Entomology Seminars - Spring 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Seminars begin at 11:00 am in Thompson Hall, Room 206, unless otherwise noted.

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Dr. Changlu Wang is coordinating this semester's speakers. For inquiries call 848-932-9774. Related seminars: Ecology and Evolution.

Date Presenter Seminar Title
Jan. 22 Michael Gallaghar
(USDA-Forest Service)

Can the restoration of fire dependent landscapes reduce tick-borne diseases?

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29 Jan

Paul Frandsen
(Plant & Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University)

Using insect genomes to gain insight into evolution: case studies from butterflies to caddisflies.

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5 Feb James Feston
(Insects Limited Inc.)

The role of pheromones in food safety programs.

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12 Feb James Hagler
(SDA-ARS, US Arid Land ARC)

Super mark it! Using immunomarking methods to track insect movement and feeding activity

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19 Feb

Glen Scoles

Bovine and equine Theileria in the United States: Enzootic or exotic? (Will Haemaphysalis longicornis play a role in transmission?)

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26 Feb Chow-Yang Lee
(Entomology, UC Riverside)

Maramorosch Memorial Seminar: The global perspective of insecticide resistence in bed bugs.

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5 Mar Richard Cooper (Terminix), Erin Hitchner (Syngenta), Greg Rogers (Certis)

Perspectives of entomologists in industry.

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12 Mar

Michael Monzon
(Entomology, Rutgers)

Funerary Archaeoentomology

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19 Mar   No Seminar - Spring Recess
26 Mar Freddy Ibanez-Carrasco
(Entomology, Texas A&M)

From the bench to the field: protecting the Lower Rio Grande Valley from pests and pathogens.

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2 Apr Cesar Rodriguez-Saona
(Entomology, Rutgers University)

A career-long effort to manipulate tritrophic interactions for enhanced biological control.

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9 Apr Pierre Lau
(USDA Predoctoral Fellow)

An integrative approach to understanding honey bee nutritional ecology and improving colony health.

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14 April

3:00 PM

Traci Morris Ph.D Candidate

Dissertation Defense-CANCELLED

Comparison of the Presence of ZIKV in Aedes Mosquitoes and ZIKV Serum Positives in Humans between New Jersey, Florida and Puerto Rico

16 Apr Stephen Teale
(Environmental and Forest Biology, State University of New York)

Cryptic pheromones of invasive forest pests.

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23 Apr Kent Daane
(Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley)

Changes in attitude in the development of classic biological control: spotted wing drosophila as a modern case history.

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30 Apr

Undergraduate Colloquium

Life after Rutgers (Graduation).

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