Cesar Rodriguez-Saona


Extension Specialist in Entomology

PE Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research and Extension

Email: crodriguez@njaes.rutgers.edu


The goal of my research program is the development and implementation of cost-effective reduced-risk IPM practices for blueberries and cranberries. This goal is achieved through the integration of chemical, behavioral, and biological methods in insect control and a better understanding on the ecology of pests and their natural enemies. My extension program delivers IPM information to growers by conducting on-farm demonstration trials, presentations, and extension publications.


  • 1999: Ph.D,. University of California, Riverside
  • 1994: M.S., Oregon State University
  • 1991: B.S., Universidad Nacional Agraria, Peru

Research Projects

  • Host-plant volatile attractants
  • Host finding by beneficial insects
  • Mating disruption technologies
  • Resistant varieties
  • Development of pest monitoring techniques
  • Novel reduced risk and selective chemical controls

Professional Experience

  • Post-doctoral Research Entomologist. 2004-2005. Department of Entomology. Michigan State University.
  • Post-doctoral Research Entomologist. 2001-2004. Department of Botany. University of Toronto.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Entomologist. 1999-2001. USDA-ARS. Western Cotton Research Lab.

Recent Publications (Since 2015)

  • Rodriguez-Saona, C., Vincent, C., and Isaacs, R. 2019. Blueberry IPM: Past successes and future challenges. Annual Review of Entomology 64: 95–114.
  • Rodriguez- Saona, C., Cloonan, K.R., Sanchez-Pedraza, F., Zhou, Y., Giusti, M.M., and Benrey, B. 2019. Differential susceptibility of wild and cultivated blueberries to an invasive frugivorous pest. J. Chem. Ecol. 45: 286–297. FEATURED ON THE COVER OF THE JOURNAL.
  • De Lange, E., Salamanca, J., Polashock, J., and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2019. Genotypic variation and phenotypic plasticity in gene expression and herbivore-induced volatiles, and their potential tritrophic implications, in cranberries. J. Chem. Ecol. 45: 298–312.
  • Klick, J., Rodriguez-Saona, C.R., Hernández Cumplido, J., Holdcraft, R.J., Urrutia, W.H., da Silva, R.O., Borges, R., Mafra-Neto, A., and Seagraves, M.P. 2019. Testing a novel attract and kill strategy for Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) management. J. Insect Sci. 19(1): 3; 1–6. doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/jisesa/iey132.
  • Benevenuto, R.F., Seldal, T., Hegland, S.J., Rodriguez-Saona, C., Kawash, J., and Polashock, J. 2019. Transcriptional profiling of methyl jasmonate-induced defense responses in bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.). BMC Plant Biology 19:70. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12870-019-1650-0.
  • De Lange, E.S., Kyryczenko-Roth, V., Johnson-Cicalese, J., Davenport, J., Nicholi Vorsa, N., and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2019. Increased nutrient availability decreases insect resistance in cranberry. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 21: 326-335.
  • Rodriguez-Saona, C., Nielsen, A.L., Shapiro-Ilan, D.I., Tewari, S., Kyryczenko-Roth, V., Firbas, N., Leskey, T.C. 2019. Exploring an odor-baited “trap bush” approach to aggregate plum curculio (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) injury in blueberries. Insects 10, 113; https://doi:10.3390/insects10040113.
  • De Lange, E.S. and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2019. Does enhanced nutrient availability increase volatile emissions in cranberry? Plant Signaling & Behavior (Short Communication). 14:8, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/15592324.2019.1616517
  • Pradit, N., Rodriguez-Saona, C., Kawash, J., and Polashock, J. 2019. Phytoplasma infection influences gene expression of American Cranberry. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (section Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology) 7:178. doi: https://doi.org/10.3389/fevo.2019.00178.
  • Pradit, N., Mescher, M.C., Wang, Y., Vorsa, N., and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2019. Phytoplasma infection of cranberries benefits non-vector phytophagous insects. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution section Chemical Ecology 7:181. doi: https://doi.org/10.3389/fevo.2019.00181.
  • Stratton, C.A., Hodgdon, E., Rodriguez-Saona, C., Shelton, A.M., and Chen, Y.H. Phylogenetically-distant plants with odors similar to Brassicas repel the swede midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), a Brassica specialist. Scientific Reports 9:10621 doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-47094-8.
  • Rodriguez-Saona, C.R., Polk, D., Oudemans, P.V., Holdcraft, R., Zaman, F.U., Isaacs, R., and Cariveau, D. 2018. Landscape features determine the abundance and distribution of Rhagoletis mendax, a key fruit fly pest of blueberries. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 258: 113–120.
  • Silva, D., Kyryczenko-Roth, V., Alborn, H., and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2018. Comparison of trap types, placement, and colors for capturing Anthonomus musculus Say (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) adults in highbush blueberries. J. Insect Science 18(2): 19; 1–9, doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/jisesa/iey005.
  • Hernandez-Cumplido, J., Giusti, M., Zhou, Y., Kyryczenko-Roth, V., Chen, Y.H., and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2018. Testing the ‘plant domestication-reduced defense’ hypothesis in blueberries: The role of herbivore identity. Arthropod-Plant Interactions. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11829-018-9605-1.
  • Salamanca, J., Brigida, S. and Rodriguez-Saona, C. 2018. Cascading effects of combining herbivore-induced plant volatiles with companion plants to manipulate natural enemies in an agro-ecosystem. Pest Management Science 74: 2133–2145.
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  • 2011 Recipient of the Distinguished Service to New Jersey Agriculture Award. Team Award (Rutgers Fruit IPM Program).
  • 2009 Recipient of the Merle V. Adams Award for Outstanding Achievement. Rutgers Cooperative Extension. 2010.
  • Pacific Branch ESA Winner of the John Henry Comstock Award. 83rd Annual Meeting Pacific Branch of the ESA. Eugene, Oregon. 1999.
  • 1988-99 Lesley Award. University of California, Riverside.
  • First Place Oral Presentation. Ph.D. Competition. 82nd Annual Meeting Pacific Branch of the ESA. Honolulu, Hawaii. 1998.
  • President's Prize. Honorable Mention. Section Fa Poster Presentation. 1997 ESA Annual Meeting. Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant. Department of Entomology. University of California, Riverside. 1996-1997.
  • First Place Oral Presentation. Ph.D. Competition. 80th Annual Meeting Pacific Branch of the ESA. Big Sky, Montana. 1996.
  • First Runner-Up Oral Presentation. Ph.D. Competition. 79th Annual Meeting Pacific Branch of the ESA. San Diego, California. 1995.

Professional Affiliations

  • International Society of Chemical Ecology
  • International Organization of Biological Control
  • Ecological Society of America
  • Entomological Society of America

Research Interests and Expertise

Integrated Pest Management, Tritrophic Interactions, Biological Control, Insect Chemical Ecology, Insect-Plant Interactions, Host Plant Resistance