Integrated Pest Management (16:370:506)

(4 credits)

Instructor: Dr. George Hamilton

Time Offered: Spring

Period: Monday, Wednesday (2:15–3:35 p.m.); One additional 80 minute period (day and time to be determined during the first lecture).

Location: Blake 101

Pre-requisites and other registration restrictions: This course has no pre-requisites.

Format: Lecture - The course meets twice a week for lecture in an 80-minute class period plus a once a week group discussion period to review assigned papers pertinent to weekly lectures.

Description: The course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of agricultural entomology and pest management including: economic thresholds, sampling techniques, plant resistance to insects, biological control, insecticide use and its consequences and the use of genetically modified plants. The broad course outline is as follows:

  • Part I: Introduction to insects and pest management
  • Part II: Pest management components
  • Part III: Pest management in specific crop systems
  • Examinations: Three hourly exams are given during lecture periods. Each is worth 25% of your final grade.

Quizzes: Weekly quizzes (15% of final grade) will be available online via the Ecompanion system. Weekly quizzes will be accessible each week on Thursdays at 9:30 pm until midnight Fridays.

Class participation: Class attendance and participation is expected and will represent 10% of your final grade.

Office Hours: Open

Contact Information: Dr. George Hamilton, Room 107, Thompson Hall, 848-932-9774,