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Faculty of the Graduate Program

George C. Hamilton headshot.

George C. Hamilton (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Chair, Department of Entomology
Research: Implementation of alternative methods to control insect pests, influence of flowering plants on the retention of natural enemies, ecology and management of invasive insects, and assessment of the pesticides used by agriculture in New Jersey

Lena B. Brattsten headshot.

Lena B. Brattsten (Ph.D., Illinois)
Research: Insect biochemistry and toxicology, molecular aspects of insect-plant associations

Andrea Egizi headshot.

Andrea Egizi (Ph.D., Rutgers University)
Affiliate Member
Research: Molecular ecology of vectors and vector-borne disease

Dina Fonseca headshot.

Dina M. Fonseca (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Research: Infectious diseases, mosquito control, and evolutionary ecology

Chloe Hawkings headshot.

Chloe Hawkings (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)
Affiliate Member
Research: Molecular mechanisms of insect behavior

Albrecht Koppenhöfer headshot.

Albrecht Koppenhöfer (Ph.D., Univ. Giessen)
Center for Turfgrass Science

Peter J. Morin headshot.

Peter J. Morin, (Ph.D., Duke)
Research: Community ecology

Anne L. Nielsen headshot.

Anne L. Nielsen (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Member, Graduate Program Director
Research: Fruit insect ecology and management

Dana Price.

Dana Price (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Research:Mosquito genomics

Mark Robson headshot.

Mark Robson (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Research: International public health, pesticide use, policy and regulation

Cesar Rodriguez-Saona headshot.

Cesar Rodriguez-Saona (Ph.D., University of California–Riverside)
Research: Blueberry and cranberry insect ecology and management

Marc E. Slaff headshot.

Marc E. Slaff (Ph.D., Rutgers)
Research: Medical entomology and mosquito biology

Alvaro Toledo headshot.

Alvaro Toledo (Ph.D., University of Madrid)
Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology
Research:Tick biology ecology and control and Lyme Disease

Jeff Tomberlin headshot.

Jeff K Tomberlin (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)
Affiliate Member
Research: Forensic entomology with an interest in blowfly identification/distribution

Changlu Wang headshot.

Changlu Wang (Ph.D., West Virginia)
Research: Urban pest management

Jessica Ware headshot.

Jessica Ware (Ph.D., Rutgers University)
Research: Insect systematics and evolution

Jacob Wickham headshot.

Jacob Wickham (Ph.D., SUNY-ESF)
Affiliate Member
Research: Chemical ecology, forest entomology, ecology and management of invasive species

Greg Williams headshot.

Greg Williams (Ph.D., University of Delaware)
Affiliate Member
Research: Integrated pest management of mosquitoes and other medically important pests; development of new technologies for the area wide suppression of the Asian tiger mosquito