Financial Aid

There are several ways of obtaining funding, either through Rutgers or the Department of Entomology. This page provides links to information about funding. NOTICE: The deadline date for all applicants wishing to be considered for Excellence Fellowships will be January 1. For those applying for admission to the upcoming session, early applications are strongly recommended as fellowship decisions are for the most part made before many of the general application deadlines.

  • Financial Aid Office - This is the page for graduate student financial aid information, however, you can also find a considerable amount of information at the Other Financial Aid Office. These pages include links to jobs, different types of financial aid, forms, etc.
  • For general information about financial aid, go to FinAid - This exceptional page includes lots of answers about borrowing money, getting scholarships, how much you can expect to be paying back monthly, all sorts of questions and answers.
  • Go to Work! Or at least find a job through the Rutgers University Student Employment Office (requires NetID login).
  • Go to Work in This Department! Labs often have positions available of varying length. Some of the work may be seasonal or for a short period of time while other positions can last the year. Inquire at the Departmental Office for availability (see Joann at 848-932-9774).
  • The entomology department has several funds that include the support of graduate students. See Special Funds for more information.
  • Teaching and Graduate Assistantships are available through the entomology and biology departments on a competitive basis. They cover tuition-remission and include a stipend but do not cover fees. Graduate student names are submitted to the biology department by the entomology chairperson for consideration for the Teaching Assistantship. Please contact the chair (see Joann at 848-932-9774) for further information.