Biological Control of Insects (16:370:507)

(3 credits)

Instructor: Dr. George Hamilton

Time Offered: Fall

Pre-requisites and Other Registration Restrictions: This course has no pre-requisites.

Format: Lecture. This course meets one time a week for lecture in an 160-minute class period

Description: The course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of biological of insects including: the use ofdiseases, predators, parasites and parasitoids, etc. to control pests. It also includes two field trips.

NOTE: The above information is being provided to give potential students a general idea about the course. Specific details may change from semester to semester, and will be provided by the instructor in the course syllabus.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Biological Control of Insects exposes students at the graduate level to areas that address issues related to all aspects of the use of insects to management pests in agricultural and natural systems.

Learning Goal 1 for Students: Attain mastery of the essential aspects of practice and study in the field of biological control of insects

Assessment of student achievement of Goal 1:

  • Course grades (2 hourly exams, student lead weekly discussions of content related publications)
  • Review by the instructor of student progress with close advising and mentoring
  • Continuation of entomological studies at the undergraduate level by taking other entomology courses.

Roles of the instructor in helping students to achieve Goal 1:

  • Advising to assure that students are being taught in a coherent and academically rigorous way
  • Effective monitoring of student progress
  • Evaluations of the teaching effectiveness of the instructor
    • If effectiveness is below expectations, the instructor will modify curriculum to improve effectiveness
  • Periodic review of course requirements and content, and assessment tools
    • By select program faculty
    • In consultation with the office of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences dean of academic programs and/or the unit dean

Learning Goal 2 for Students: Prepare to be professionals in integrated pest management

Assessment of student achievement of Goal 2:

  • Collection of data on professional placement data or continuation of studies at the graduate level

Role of the instructor in helping students achieve Goal 2:

  • Inform students of employment opportunities

The members of the Entomology Courses of Study Committee will regularly review the structure and content of the course and the feedback received from assessments and surveys. These reviews will be used to provide the best possible education to students that meet current needs for professionals in biological control of insects.

Lecture Topics

  • Introduction to Biological Control
  • Mile-a-minute weed field trip
  • Predators as Biological Control Agents
  • Parasitoids as Biological Control Agents
  • Insect Pathogens
  • Classical Biological Control Cambridge
  • Augmentation & Conservation BC
  • Biological Control Successes and Failures
  • Biological Control and Pesticides
  • Nematodes
  • Tour Philip Allampi Laboratory