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Mosquito Investigations

Although teaching and extension are important phases of the work of the Entomology Department, in terms of time and money, research is its most important function. Research on mosquitoes, vegetable insects, soil-infesting insects, fruit insects, bees, insects of ornamental and nursery plants, and insecticides has been continually in progress for more than twenty-five years. Work on insects of cranberries and blueberries has continued since it was initiated by Smith, and from 1931 has been conducted at the cranberry and blueberry substation. From 1912 to 1944, considerable work was also done on the relation between insects and climate.

Under the leadership of Pepper, the research program was expanded to include many new projects. In 1946, work was begun on the ecology of economic insects, insects (other than mosquitoes) affecting man and animals, and grassland and forage insects, and, in 1950, on structural household and stored products insects.