Synopsis for 11:370:202.

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Instructor: Dr. Frank Louis Carle (
Semester, Period & Format: Fall; M, Th (12:35 – 1:55pm) Lecture
Location: 001 Ruth Adams
Pre-requisites: None
Required Texts: None

Description: Insects comprise more than half of described species, a diversity which makes them ideal organisms to study fundamental biological concepts such as homology and apomorphy. In this course students will be exposed to concepts in a relaxed setting while learning about the evolution, diversity, structure, function, behavior and ecology of insects. The Importance of Insects to humankind is covered relative to agriculture, biological control, forestry, food webs, pollination, decomposition, environmental monitoring, conservation, and disease transmition. The major insect evolutionary innovations are also dealt with and include: the exoskeleton, tagmosis, flight, wing folding, piercing mouth parts, complete metamorphosis and the development of elytra. Areas covered Include: insect collecting and preservation, arthropod phylogeny, origin and evolution of insects, molecular evolution, insect fossils, biogeography and continental drift, insect taxonomy, insect structure and function, insect societies, pollination, insect sex, environmental monitoring, biocontrol, synanthropic insects, insect transmitted diseases of temperate and tropical areas, forest entomology, forensic entomology, entomology and anglers, and insects and pop culture.

Course Learning Goals:

  • Attain exposure to the diversity, evolution, and innovations of insects
  • Knowledge of insect morphology, biology, behavior, and ecology
  • Appreciation for the environmental importance of insects
  • Familiarity with the health and economic impacts of insects on humans
  • Preparation for advanced courses in Entomology

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  • Lecture  quizzes [50-100%]
  • Final exam [0-50%]
  • Missed Quiz = 0%
  • 2 lowest Quiz grades dropped

Contact Information:
Dr. Frank Louis Carle           
Room 002, McLean Labs
Office Hours Open