Synopsis for 11:370:381.

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Instructor: Dr. Cesar Rodriguez-Saona (
Semester, Period & Format: Fall; M, W (2:15-3:35; 12:35-5:15pm) Lecture/Lab
Location: Blake Hall 101
Pre-requisites and other registration restrictions: 01:119:101-102
Required Texts:  None
Description:  A survey of insects; their structure, function, behavior, evolution, diversity, and effect on agricultural production, as well as on people and animals. Areas of study include the development of insects, external and internal anatomical structures, physiological processes, and adaptation to the environment. We will study the major orders of insects and pests with emphasis on those that impact human activities. The course will help students learn about what makes insects so successful, their diversity and behaviors, and appreciate the value and importance of insects. Laboratory sessions focus on the collection and identification of insects in order for students to build a solid collection by the end of the course. Field trips are made during lab to collect insects.
Course Learning Goals:

  • Be able to identify the Insect families of economic importance
  • Know the basic structure of insects
  • Appreciate the diversity and evolutionary success of Insects
  • Be familiar with the functional systems of insects
  • Basic understanding of the diverse roles insects fulfill in terrestrial ecosystems
  • Be able to collect, mount, and preserve insects for scientific study

Student Learning Assessment: [% of final grade]

  • Mid-term exam [25%]
  • Final exam [25%]
  • Lab [25%]
  • Quizzes [20%]
  • Class attendance [5%]

Lab Breakdown

  • Insect collection [50%]
  • Quizzes (2) [30%]
  • Participation [10%]
  • Attendance [10%]

Contact Information:
? Dr. Cesar Rodriguez-Saona
Room 214, Thompson Hall

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