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History of the Rutgers Entomology Department

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Taken from "Entomology in New Jersey" by Elton J. Hansens, Rutgers University and Harry B. Weiss, New Jersey State Department of Agriculture, 1954.


This is an account of New Jersey's fight against insects, written during the 1954 centennial anniversary of American economic entomology. Here we have recorded primarily the achievements of New Jersey's entomologists, as their work has affected the welfare not only of the farmers, and workers in the state, but, in fact, all her citizens. The complete and full story would, of course, include a detailed account of field work, only a portion of which could be covered in this brief account. Because of the collaboration of New Jersey scientists with entomologists in the federal government and other states, some of the findings of these workers must necessarily also be reported here. Through research and teaching New Jersey's entomologists have sought and continue to seek knowledge and control of the insects which pose a never ending threat to the health and welfare of people everywhere.